Bus service - Yeovil town centre

Closed 30 Sep 2021

Opened 27 Aug 2021


We are seeking views on the location of bus stops in the Western part of Yeovil town centre. 

As part of the Yeovil Refresh which aims to regenerate the town centre, we are seeking to reduce the dominance of traffic in the core streets. Our aims in doing so are:

  • To reduce the conflict between vehicles and pedestrians
  • Make these streets shared spaces where pedestrians have priority
  • Improve the town centre experience
  • Improve air quality
  • Make streets easier to navigate
  • Allow the introduction of trees and planting to create a better environment for all

The main bus stops in the Western area of Yeovil are in The Borough (High Street) next to the war memorial. 

We are interested in your views about the location of the bus stops and would like to better understand how you use buses in the town centre at the moment.


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