South Somerset Thermal Imaging Camera Trial - User Survey

Closed 22 Apr 2022

Opened 1 Apr 2022


The 2021/2022 winter trial of the thermal imaging camera scheme has now ended, and we would like feedback from SSDC's Area East communities who took part in the trial.

The purpose of this user survey is to help us understand:

  • How well it worked for our communities;
  • How they were used, what was highlighted and any follow on action stimulated;
  • Whether there is interest in continuing the scheme next winter;
  • If anything needs to be changed or improved as part of the scheme.

We are interested in hearing from everyone that took part in the thermal imaging camera trial, both those that directly loaned the camera from SSDC (administered through the Bruton and Cary Retrofit Scheme), and/or who used the camera as part of the initiative during the trial period.

We hope you found the scheme useful. Your responses will be used internally to help us review the trial and steer the project forward.

Please answer all the questions as fully as possible. And please pass on to others you know who trialled the thermal imaging cameras.

Thank you!


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