Draft Chard Shop Front Design Guide – Formal Consultation

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Closes 21 Jan 2022


Following our informal consultation in the autumn, we are now formally consulting on the draft Chard Shop Front Design Guide which once adopted will be a Supplementary Planning Document and a material planning consideration.  The document illustrates the Council’s aspirations for maintaining and improving the design quality across the Chard town centre area and has been developed through the Chard High Street Heritage Action Zone. 

The draft Design Guide has been developed in support of adopted Local Plan policies and aims to contribute to the improvement of the town centre environment by giving clear guidelines on the style and quality of shop fronts. It explains the requirements of the Local Planning Authority for good design, which will be used to make a balanced judgement against policy and Council objectives in the consideration of planning applications.

‘Shop front’ is a generic term, short-hand for the assemblage of an entrance, display window, frame and signage. The Design Guide’s principles are therefore intended to apply to any property use that makes use of this set-up, including retail and other commercial or community use. This is because any such feature is a major contributor to an area’s distinctive identity and character.

The responses received through the informal consultation to date have been used during the development of the draft Design Guide to shape its intent and recommendations. Reference to the consultation is woven throughout the draft document. Statutory environment stakeholders (Natural England, Environment Agency and Historic England) have received a copy of the draft Design Guide along with a Strategic Environmental Assessment/Habitats Regulations Assessment screening assessment for their comment.

We now invite comments on the draft Chard Shop Front Design Guide through this formal consultation from the public and other stakeholders.

The submission you provide will be anonymously published on the Council’s website following the consultation, as part of the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) adoption process. This includes the name of any organisation which you represent. Personal details such as name, address or other contact details will not be published. By participating in this consultation you consent to officers of the Council using the information you provide in this way. All information submitted will be treated in accordance with GDPR and will be kept for such time as is relevant for the purpose described and/or until the record is no longer required – for example when the SPD has been adopted and no legal challenge has been made in the three months following adoption. The Council’s Privacy Policy can be found at www.southsomerset.gov.uk/your-council/data-protection-and-freedom-of-information/privacy-and-data-protection/ 

Please click the links below to review the draft Chard Shop Front Design Guide and Statement of Community Involvement. The documents will open in new windows.

Draft Shop Front Design Guide

Statement of Community Involvement (Dec 21)