Wyndham Park Multi Use Games Area, Equipped Play & Open Space

Closed 27 Nov 2022

Opened 17 Oct 2022


From the outset, the planning for Wyndham Park, Yeovil included a multi-use games area (MUGA) on land provided for this purpose at Cunningham Road, next to Primrose Lane Primary School.  The Developer made a payment to the Local Authority to establish and maintain this facility, and the money can only be used for a MUGA on land adjacent to the school, otherwise it must be returned to the Developer.  

Additionally, two Local Equipped Areas for Play (LEAPs) were planned for Drake Road (also known as The Circus), next to Primrose Lane Primary School, and Great Mead near to the Wyndham Park entrance.  Revised planning meant that Drake Road became a central reservation for a two-way road with the LEAP located in the middle, and the land on Great Mead became a water catchment area.  There are road safety concerns about the suitability of a central reservation as a location for a children's play area, and the site on Great Mead is not a viable option.

The Local Authority seeks your views about the MUGA, and about relocating the LEAP from Drake Road's central reservation to Cunningham Road on the same land as the MUGA (next to Primrose Lane Primary School), in keeping with the supplemental agreement dated 28th June 2013 made under section 106A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.  This might result in a smaller MUGA facility than originally planned to allow for dual use.  The contribution paid by the Developer for a LEAP on Great Mead will be added to that for equipped play adjacent to the school to provide a better facility.

Your views are also sought on how the Drake Road central reservation might alternatively be used, if the LEAP is relocated next to the MUGA and dependent on separate funding being raised.

The Local Authority are now in a position to initiate this project.  Following consulation, it is anticipated that works to construct the MUGA and LEAP will be tendered within the next six months, and a contract awarded to complete the works as soon as possible thereafter. 



Why your views matter

Your participation will help us gain a balanced understanding about the needs and aspirations of Wyndham Park residents in relation to the design of planned facilities, and a representative view of what will be most valued by the community as a whole.  The tender specification document will be significantly influenced by the consultation response, so your collective views are very important and really do matter.


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